The Experience
On arrival, all guests will be shown around our state-of-the-art recording studio by the engineer or producer. 
Refreshments will be offered and will be available throughout the session. The souvenir CD requires a photograph
of the gift recipient(s) as they pose with headphones on, in front of a microphone, or with a guitar around the neck
for extra authenticity!  The song choices from our backing track library are loaded on to our digital multi-track system
ready for vocal recording.


A few relaxed practice takes are performed to the backing music to warm up to voice and overcome any initial nerves.
Then a quick listen back before returning to the live room to record up to five takes.  After that it's back to the control
room to watch the producer do his stuff. The best bits of every take are compiled together and with the use of the very
latest technologies (including the magical "pitch correction", "voice doubling", "reverb" and "echo" features) to make
the finished performance really shine through just like the best recording artists. The track is mixed down ready for
CD mastering at the end of the session while the singer(s) head back to the live room for the next track and performances.

CD's to take home
Once all tracks have been recorded, produced and mixed the master CD is then created. We'll produce three copies
personalized with the name(s) of the gift recipient(s), songs produced and date of experience. Your souvenir CD
(optional extra with the Silver and Gold experience) will be made complete with the photograph taken at the start of the session.
Extra copies of the souvenir CD can be purchased when ordering or on the day - they make great gifts for friends and relatives
and can be proudly framed and hung as a memento of the occasion.

Watch the performance

Part of any experience here at Sub-Zero is a real-time DVD recording of the recording studio camera feed complete with a
stereo sound mix of the music, singing and producers comments as they happen. The video is completely unedited capturing
absolutely every moment of the performer(s) in (and out) of action - very entertaining "big brother" style viewing!