Once you have decided who's in the pop group and asked them to the party using the supplied invitations, you need to choose the songs to be sung from our backing track library.
Remember that up to ten of you will be singing so don't pick anything too complicated
(any songs containing a rap for example!).
To get the best from a Pop Star Party, we recommend a group rehearsal prior to your studio session, and that everyone remembers to bring there printed lyric sheets so that they can also be used on the day. If anyone in the group is confident enough to do a solo part then clearly mark who-is-doing-what on your lyric sheets as the producer will ask for a copy.

Studio session
We recommended that the singers congregate at a pre-determined location before arriving to the studio for a prompt start. The recording experience lasts a total of two hours.
Before commencing with the recording a few pictures of the group in their best pop star poses are taken. A Pop Star Party form on which the names of the group members and band name is then completed. This together with the best picture will create the souvenir CD and personalized CD's.
Now it's to the recording studio, everyone take positions and put their headphones on so that they can hear themselves, the music, and the recording engineer as he is in the main control room. A few warm-up takes are performed to build up the confidence, and singing voices.
After a short break for refreshments it's back to record the actual takes.
While the best bits from all the takes are compiled together by the producer of the session, you are welcome to bring snacks out to nibble on or even a birthday cake should you wish. We will master the track on to CD's for every participant to take home.

Watch the performance
Part of any experience here at Sub-Zero is a real-time DVD recording of the recording studio camera feed complete with a stereo sound mix of the music, singing and producers comments as they happen. The video is completely unedited capturing absolutely every moment of the performer(s) in (and out) of action - very entertaining "big brother" style viewing!